For Your Information

Everyone Must Follow the Rules

Your child is our responsibility as long as they are on these premises. Therefore, we must insist that our rules be followed explicitly while they are here.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

No person has or uses illegal drugs on premises. No alcohol is consumed during or after operating hours. No providers are under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or misused prescription drugs when working with, or in the presence of children in our care. This is a NO SMOKING facility.

Programs/Operations Policies

All unlicensed areas of this facility are locked and inaccessible to children. Any personal medications are kept in locked boxes inaccessible to the children in our care. We do not have any weapons on the premises.

Our staff training and professional development records are available on request.

We will review the children's files annually and make sure all information is current and correct. When the child goes in for a physical exam or doctor visit, we will record any vaccines they receive or note areas of concern. If you move, your work or phone numbers change, please advise us immediately, so we have the most up to date information on file. If the information on who may or may not pick up your child changes, please advise us immediately.

It's Our Home Too

Having a home business is a real challenge. So much of our home is utilized for dayschool that we ask you to help us reinforce consideration of our possessions and our rules. There are no pets at Strawberry Patch Preschool.

Access to Your Child

Parents or guardians have access to their child and their records during school hours. You must advise us in advance if someone else is to pick up your child.

Staff Polices and Staffing Plan

If there is a personal emergency or illness, and no staff members are available, we will be closed. You will need to make other arrangements for childcare.

Child Abuse and or Neglect

By Washington State law we are required to report any suspected child abuse and/or neglect.

We Respect Everyone's Holidays

Strawberry Patch observes holidays such as Christmas and Easter but in a non-religious manner. We teach them about Hanukkah and other religious holidays in our dayschool cultural curriculum.

Field Trips

Field trips are difficult to plan for because of the differing schedules of our parents. When we can, we take excursions to parks, museums and special events. All of these off-site activities require a signed parental permission form.No trips will be taken without prior written permission. Parents shall pay for any field trip costs.

Nap Time

Nap time is required by Washington State law and all children enrolled here must take a rest. Most jobs allow for several breaks during the work day, however ours does not, and nap time is our only break during our very busy, long day.


Toys from your home are not allowed at the Patch. Coins, balloons, marbles or any small items can be hazardous to children. Guns and weapons of any kind are absolutely prohibited. We will not and can not be responsible for broken or lost toys. Children may bring one (1) soft sleeping toy and a favorite blanket.


Parking is usually not a problem here. It is best to park in front of the house. If many parents arrive at the same time, do not park in front of our neighbor's house. You can park in the driveway or on the street clear of the mailboxes.

Cleaning and Sanitation Practices

We use Benefect, a green, eco-cleaner to disinfect and sanitize in our program. Tables, counters and surfaces are cleaned with soap and water and sanitized afterwards.

Last updated: October 24, 2017