Children constantly challenge the limits of their behavior. They need to understand that rules are for their safety, and teach them self-discipline. At Strawberry Patch, all rules are clearly stated and positively reinforced in a fair, consistent manner. Discipline is handled on an individual basis, considering the differences and age of each child. We do not use physical (corporal) punishment. Methods of guidance include:

Positive Reinforcement

A positive approach encourages appropriate behavior, open communication between caregiver and child, and teaches children to control their own behavior. We consistently praise and reward appropriate behavior. Positive comments such as: "I like the way Jennifer is playing nicely with Shawn," or "Look how well Pam put the toys away," encourages them and others to follow their good example. We use colorful stamps, stickers, and Super Kid awards as extra incentives. We never use food as a reward.

Ignoring inappropriate behavior or letting children handle disputes themselves usually works best. We intervene only when necessary.

Time Out

After 3 warnings, removals, redirections, etc., the child has a time-out. Major offenses that jeopardize safety are immediate time-outs. Time-out steps are as follows:

The purpose of time-out is to (a) stop the behavior, (b) reinforce the rules, and (c) teach that inappropriate behavior results in certain consequences.

Last updated: October 24, 2017