Parent Communication

Communicating and working with parents and families is an important part of Strawberry Patch. If you need help with specific issues or problems, understanding child development, behavior, or specific issues such as speech, learning challenges or special needs, we are available for individual conferences or will communicate by email or phone, any concerns or problems you may have. We have years of experience, ongoing education and training, and resources available for your child's needs. We will schedule at least two conferences during the year to discuss how your child is progressing and address any concerns or questions you have. We are available during the day, or can schedule a specific time, to talk about any issues or concerns. We want to be a vital part of helping you as parents, and ensuring that your child has the developmental tools and skills they need to succeed. We can also connect you with available state and community resources. Ongoing communication is an important responsibility to the children and families we serve.

Any and all communications are private and confidential, and will only be shared with the explicit permission of the parent(s) or guardian.

Please call us at 425-644-8727 or
email us at

Last updated: October 24, 2017