Fees, Plans, and Business Practices

Registering at Strawberry Patch full-time means that you have signed up for childcare services and must pay for that service regardless of your child's attendance or your vacations. In order to continue providing quality care and services, we require consistent income from our clients.

Sign In & Out Policy

Parents/Guardians are required to sign in and out using their full name. A sign in sheet, pen and clock are located on the dining table.


Smoking is not permitted at Strawberry Patch Preschool during or after school hours or within 25 feet of an entrance.


Strawberry Patch has insurance for this facility.


Actual rates are established in advance with each family.

Actual rates are established in advance with each family. Statements are generated on the first (1st) and fifteenth (15th) of each month. We offer two (2) options for payment and childcare payments are due and payable upon receipt. When the first or fifteenth fall on a weekend, payment is then required on the next business day. We expect the payments to be made on time each month.

You may select from the following two (2) options for childcare payments:

Past Due Accounts and NSF Fees

Late payments will be assessed a $25.00 per day charge unless other arrangements are made in advance. It is the parent's responsibility to communicate with us regarding their childcare billing. If payments are habitually late, your childcare services will be terminated. Non-sufficient funds (NSF) will be subject to a $20.00 fee.

Late Pick-Ups

Most centers assess significant late charges. While sometimes there are extenuating circumstances (e.g. traffic, weather conditions, etc.), consistently late pick-ups are our major concern. After putting in a long day, the time after 6:00 is especially valuable to us. Prompt pick-ups are expected and appreciated. If you know that you are going to be unavoidably late, you must call us as soon as possible to inform us of your expected arrival time.

Frequent late pick-ups will result in the termination of your childcare services at Strawberry Patch.

Late charges will apply as follows:

Last updated: October 24, 2017