Welcome to Strawberry Patch

Children naturally love to learn. Our program at The Patch encourages learning and understanding on many levels. First, we want to instill in children self-awareness and self-esteem - a feeling there are no limits to their possibilities. Having children of various ages and abilities teaches social skills, cooperation, and caring for others. It's important to develop their independence. They learn to make decisions, control their behavior, and do things for themselves. Putting away toys, learning to tie shoes, going to the bathroom, choosing activities -- all instill independence and responsibility. We learn about caring for our planet and respecting its creatures. The kids are actively involved in recycling and learn not to litter.

All of us enjoy the changing seasons, celebrating holidays and special occasions, and watching the children change and grow each year.

Patch kids are interested in exploring their ethnic diversity, cultural differences, and learning other languages. Most of all, we love to watch them develop their own sense of humor and express their creativity and imagination through their art, music, and play. Seeing them grow and develop the skills and abilities that will move them forward is the best part of a challenging and very rewarding career working with children.

Strawberry Patch Preschool
Janis and Jude Shelby

Last updated: October 24, 2017